Difference between Antique Jewellery and Vintage Jewellery

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Difference between

Antique Jewellery and Vintage Jewellery


Antique jewellery and vintage jewellery; these two terms are often confused with each other and consequently used interchangeably. However, vintage jewellery and antique jewellery are two very different terms. The confusion can easily arise out of the fact that there are some alternate meanings and definitions for each of these terms. There exist a number of pieces that can fall into either of these categories because of the fact that they are only a few years away from each other in their age.

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The term antique is usually reserved for valuable jewellery that happen to be at least more than a century old. However, this definition implies that with the passage of time more and more pieces of jewellery will become antique with rapid succession. Vintage jewellery is the jewellery that is less than a hundred but more than a fifty years old. It is recent enough to be brought back in style however, old enough to still be put under the category of vintage jewellery. With the right classic outfits, vintage jewelry items can make definite throwback fashion statements or add some higher class flair to a more contemporary look. Antique jewelry, on the other hand, is often so valuable that it’s rarely worn or displayed.

Buying Antique

Most of the pieces of antique jewellery are made of high quality fine and precious metals for that is the reason they could effectively stand the test of time. There is a high standard of craftsmanship involved in making antique jewellery which is already much valuable based on the fact that it is more than a century old. It is not difficult to fathom, in the light of this clarity, as to why antique jewellery costs as much as it does. It is not easy to estimate what kind of antique jewellery one might encounter since its spans over a vast expanse of time. All one can do is educate oneself and undertake thorough research in the sphere of antique jewellery before indulging in any kind of purchase involving this jewellery. There happen to be a number of counterfeiters around who want to pass off ordinary jewellery for antique jewellery, therefore it is important to source the jewellery properly from a trustworthy seller. The sale records from any independent appraisers can be used as indicators of veracity.

Buying Vintage

Vintage jewellery fetches a smaller amount than antique jewellery, however, that does not mean that it has no value or worth in the market. There are a number of people who can charge a surplus for vintage jewellery. The value of vintage jewellery arises from the fact that buyer get to use what they purchase which is not so in the case of antique jewellery as antique jewellery is usually bought as a collectible to be put in showcases for others to admire. Antique jewellery was usually designed for the rich and elite however, vintage jewellery was designed for the common people who could not afford much expensive jewellery. A large part of jewellery considered to be vintage is very difficult to source since after the 1940s nations entered an era of mass production and unprecedented international commerce. This means that a lot of jewelry pieces from the era are hard to source. Fortunately, some sellers will offer the original documentation of the product, and a few even include the original case or box.


The difference between vintage and antique jewellery should be understood in order to land a sound purchase involving this jewellery. Imitation necklace manufacturers indulging in the manufacturing of metal necklace and custom fashion necklace provide gorgeous replicas of these jewelries. However, the true worth and value of both antique and vintage jewellery lie in their originality.

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