BLACK SUN by Glenn Starkey

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Black-Sun-Ebook-Cover-JGS-10262015-197x300It’s not unusual for me to cry at the end of a movie. But it’s totally unlike me to cry at the end of a book. How did Glenn Starkey move me so much with his historical fiction, BLACK SUN?

Was it the series of blood-curdling events presented so clearly in this novel based on the years leading up to, and including the Mexican Revolution from 1910 – 1920? Was it the characters Glenn Starkey brought to life in his  protagonist, Arnulfo (later known as Indio), his dearest friend and mentor, Chamaco, and the non-fictional, notorious Pancho Villa? Was it their love and loyalty to each other, along with their camaraderie and mescal-fuelled humor that touched me so deeply? Or was it perhaps their willingness to die for their country in the hopes of freeing its ravaged and poor inhabitants from a rotten dictatorship? Near the end of BLACK SUN when Arnulfo’s heart broke as his faithful horse Cha Cha fell forward onto a rifle spear and died, my heart broke too as I reflected on the senseless and massive loss of lives Glenn Starkey depicted in BLACK SUN.

It was Glenn Starkey’s ability to capture humanity at its worst and at its very best that touched me so deeply. It was his incredible skill as a writer that moved me to tears. Where some authors write a great story you can’t put down, Glenn Starkey weaves a richly coloured tapestry and breathes life into every thread of the story. Every sentence, every paragraph, every description and every character matters. BLACK SUN is near impossible to put down, but when you finally do, you know you’ll never forget the story and its characters.

Perhaps the explanation for that lies in the author’s own words. Glenn Starkey states in the afterword that for him, “writing this novel was a great exploration of thought”. It is that for the reader too. He states further that the writing reaffirmed his “belief in family bonds and the importance of not allowing foolishness and petty squabbles to drive wedges between family members.” You cannot come away from BLACK SUN without reflecting on how that theme was evident in all the relationships in this book: Arnulfo with his parents, with Myra, his first love, with  Chamaco, Pancho, the Yaqui Indian leader and even his horse Cha Cha.

BLACK SUN provokes the reader to think about our perceptions of others: so many of the “baddies” in this book are really the “goodies” and vice versa. Pancho Villa was a devil to some, a hero to others. It is obvious Glenn Starkey has thoroughly researched the history of all the key figures, along with times, dates and events in the Mexican Revolution. In fact, he states on his website that BLACK SUN took years to write because the more he dug into the history, the more he found to research. And he brings all of it together in one block-buster of a book, BLACK SUN.

Book reviews are supposed to be objective but I don’t apologize for the subjectivity of this review. You see, historical fiction is one of my last choices when it comes to reading a book. That’s why I still can’t believe how much I loved BLACK SUN. This is one to put at the top of your “must read” list. You won’t be disappointed.

©Viga Boland

About Glenn Starkey, author: Glenn is the self-published of 6 superb novels. As a Vietnam veteran, and an interesting and varied career involving law enforcement and security management, he has an extensive knowledge of so many things to bring to his writing. Personally, I can’t wait to read all of Glenn’s books. And given today, he and his wife, Donna, are celebrating 41 years of marriage, I’d like to wish them a wonderful anniversary and many more!



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2 thoughts on “BLACK SUN

  1. Glenn Starkey

    July 18, 2016

    Thank you. I’m truly honored by such a magnificent review — and hearing it on a podcast was wonderful.
    Glenn Starkey

    • Viga Boland

      July 21, 2016

      My pleasure Glenn. And thank you too for this wonderful feedback you left me at Readers Favorite on my review. Comments like yours make the time I spend writing a review worth the effort: Feedback on Black Sun Review

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