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Have you ever met an author who writes books she doesn’t really want to write? No? Well you’re listening to one now in this podcast (player link above this post).  Or if you’d prefer, you can watch this author who writes books she doesn’t want to write speaking to you in the video embedded on this page. If you don’t want to do either, or don’t have the time, you can just read what’s below. It’s close but not exactly what is said in the podcast or on the video. Not as much fun as listening or watching though.

I’m Viga Boland, and I’ve written 6 books, 4 of which are memoirs, and all of which I didn’t really want to write. The first book, was my tell-all memoir of childhood sexual abuse, “No Tears for my Father”. I didn’t really want to write that story at all, but my family encouraged me to do it to help other victims of sexual abuse. So I wrote the first book I didn’t want to write.

That was followed a year later by “Learning to Love Myself”, a sequel to that first book. This time, it was my fans who wanted me to write the story of my life after leaving my abusive home. I really didn’t think my life up to that time was worth writing about but I couldn’t disappoint my fans. So, I wrote a second book I didn’t want to write.

The third book in that series was yet another memoir, “Voice from an Urn”. It was prompted by readers wanting to know more about my mother and her role in the childhood sexual abuse. Honestly, that wasn’t a book I wanted to write but again, I obliged.

By the time I got to a book I had thought of writing, “The Ladies of Loretto”, it was hard to believe that what I ended up writing wasn’t exactly what I had planned to write, but at least it was closer to writing a book I wanted to write.

By book number 5, “Love has no Gender”, I was in rebellion. I’d had enough of writing memoirs and thought I’d try my hand at fiction. I was captivated by Bruce Jenner’s transitioning from male to female. I did some research and then took 10 months to write a mere 70-page book. I got stuck so many times not knowing where to go with it. In the end, it turned out okay but I realized I’d again written something I didn’t want to write: fiction!


So I quit. I figured I’m done. No more writing books I don’t want to write. Well after 6 months, I was bored and had to write something. Over lunch one day, a couple of my best writer friends suggested I write a book on how to write memoir. I really wasn’t interested in writing a how-to book, especially when there are so many books already available on memoir writing. What could I offer that was different? My friends suggested I write it just the way I teach memoir writing in my workshops: “Write a how-to book on memoir writing that motivates writers to get going, just the way you got us going in your classes!” 

“Yes, but” I protested. “It’s vastly different talking to a live group of people, getting feedback, being stimulating and being stimulated by their responses. How on earth do I do that on paper?”

A motivating how-to book for those who want to write memoir
A motivating how-to book for those who want to write memoir

I thought it over for a week and since I always rise to a challenge I decided, why not? Let’s try this. Well that was back in June 2016 and now, that book is ready for those who want to write memoir and can’t get started. It’s titled “Don’t Write your memoir without ME” and I do believe it offers something the other books on memoir writing don’t. Oh yes, I’ve had to include the usual stuff you’ll find in all those other books too for one simple reason: so few people who think they want to write memoir have ever even read a real memoir, let alone invested in a book on how to write memoir! So “Don’t write your Memoir without ME” had to supply that information as well. But at least it does one thing most of the others don’t: it shows you how to go deep and give readers what they really want to read and how to make them feel what you feel.

You see, while some who read the title of my book might assume I’m being arrogant, I’m not! The concept behind my book is that the very word, MEMOIR starts with ME. My book shows you how to put the ME into your MEmoir, and hopefully will motivate you enough to get writing and not just reading about how to write.

So, now you’ve met an author who writes books she doesn’t want to write but loves every moment of doing it. Thanks for listening to this podcast. You can purchase  “Don’t Write Your MEmoir without ME”  in both Kindle and ePub formats for all ereaders from my author’s website store at and, for a limited time, or until supplies run out, I’m also selling the PRINTED versions of this book from my website.

I hope, if you’re wanting to write a memoir, you’ll start with “Don’t Write your Memoir without ME!”, a book I didn’t really want to write.  But now, after a few reviews and comments from readers, I’m mighty glad I did. Oh, did I just say book reviews? Ah. Well now I need those too in a big way. It would be right for me to post a review of my own book, so now I need you to do that for me and believe me, your  book reviews are most welcomed and very much appreciated. Please post them on Amazon, Goodreads and anywhere else this book is sold, including my website to help me spread the word.  And by all means, share this post too.  Thanks for listening or watching the video. Bye for now.



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  1. Cheryl Evans

    September 6, 2016

    Excellent Job Viga! You are great on video! I would encourage you to do more of those. Your memoir book is a great book and I hope anyone looking to write their memoir picks up a copy before they start.

    • Viga Boland

      September 10, 2016

      Thanks very much for your kind words Cheryl. Actually, I have done a lot of videos of myself, both speaking about my books and addressing groups, conferences on my books. If you visit this link:, there are lots of them posted there. There’s also a few on the video page of my personal website at

      I enjoy doing the videos but they are very time consuming, not only to produce but to upload to YouTube. And heaven help me when the internet connection goes down during upload! That’s one of the reasons I turned to podcasting. I love doing those and they are so much faster to create and upload. However, I’m finding so few of my followers bother to listen that I have to question whether it’s worth the time. I just have to hope there are others out there who do listen to my podcasts via iTunes, Google, Stitcher and

      BTW, your personal support of my writing has been wonderful. Thanks so much.

  2. Daliah Husu

    September 8, 2016

    Thanks Viga for sharing this! I enjoyed learning a bit about how your books came about and how quickly you’ve managed to write them. I see how devoted you are to your writing, even if you never wanted to write those books. I appreciate your commitment and your work. Hugs!

    • Viga Boland

      September 10, 2016

      And thank you so much Daliah for taking the time to watch the video and leave me a comment here. It’s readers and writers like you who make what I do worth all the effort it sometimes takes.

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