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glass_of_wine_book_candle_239584After I wrote my last Vianvi blogpost,  “The Author who writes books she doesn’t want to write”, containing both a podcast and THIS VIDEO on the same subject, I conceived the idea of inviting other writers and authors to share their views, experiences, problems and successes in writing. On my memoir writing site at MEMOIRABILIA, I posted the questions I’d like them to consider, and invited their submissions to this newest section of Vianvi, “LET’S TALK WRITING”.

Here are the questions I’m asking those who take on this challenge to answer:

1) Why do you write?

2) What do you write?

3) What is your writing process i.e. how do you go about it?

4) Have you ever written something you didn’t want to write but others encouraged you to write?

5) How do you feel when you are writing?

6) How do  you feel when other writers give you negative feedback, critiques on your work?

7) What discourages you most when it comes to writing and how do you overcome it and continue?

8) Have you published anything you’ve written? If so, what and where can we preview your book? Provide a link to where you sell the book or to your author’s website or blog.

I’m adding a couple more questions here for those who’d like to submit to also answer and include in their submission:

9) What is your preferred writing genre and why?

10) Have you tackled more than one genre or style in your writing career? If so, which ones.

So, this is a brief introduction to this new section where I hope writers worldwide will share their answers and thoughts on writing. Obviously, I’d like folks who read these submissions to leave comments and offer suggestions to any bothersome  issues writers raise. I’m hoping by engaging in discussion on Vianvi, we can build a community of writers and authors like me who love to read and write and talk about writing.

Are you one of those writers? If so, please SUBMIT your answers to the questions above in an article of 750 words or less. Use this “CONTACT US” LINK to submit.

And as I pointed out in the post on Memoirabilia, “Just keep in mind that when you submit to online sites, and that piece gets published with your name in the byline and a link back to you, you are showing readers what kind of a writer YOU are.  We only get one chance to make a first impression, so impress us with your style, creativity,humour, uniqueness. Stand out from the crowd.  Don’t just answer the questions above with statements containing the question, like they taught you at school. You are your own best billboard. So make sure we remember your name.”

Don’t pass up this opportunity for FREE PROMOTION for your book, blog, or website. After all, I’m happy to provide any links to your writing and you that you send me with your submission.

Well…what are you waiting for? Start thinking and writing your article now and “LET’S TALK WRITING!” Can’t wait to hear from you and read what you think about writing.


Viga Boland


4 thoughts on “LET’S TALK WRITING!

  1. Christine Larsen

    September 10, 2016

    Great idea Viga, and good questions to get the mental and creative wheels turning.

    • Viga Boland

      September 11, 2016

      Ah…thanks for commenting Christine. Let’s hope we do indeed get something going on this section of this site. I’m looking forward to seeing a submission from you soon. Have you read “Let’s Talk Writing #1”? That writing is awaiting feedback from everyone. Got something to say to her? Please do!

  2. Gulara

    September 28, 2016

    A wonderful initiative, Viga, and great questions to reflect on. I’m definitely in! Thank you for the invite.

    • Viga Boland

      September 29, 2016

      Wonderful Gulara. Can’t wait to receive your submission. Thanks for the feedback and support. I will most likely be expanding on this Vianvi site as “the” site for writers in the very near future as my domain name at Memoirabilia is expiring and I’d like to attract a much broader group of writers than just memoir writers. So please subscribe to this blog so you know what’s happening. Looking forward to seeing your submission.

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