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If you haven’t yet heard about Keto, I’m surprised. Seems folks everywhere are talking about it.

My daughter, who’s into everything that’s good for your looks, body and health was the first to say “Go Keto mom!” when I was complaining about my arthritis flaring up as the cold weather set in.

“I’m not trying to lose weight,” I grumbled (though of course, I’d love to…and need to…lose weight).

“Just my arthritis is killing me!”

You know, sometimes, the chicken really is smarter than the hen. She just gave me that wise-owl look of hers and said, “Trust me. Keto works! Not only am I losing weight but I feel marvellous…healthier than I have in ages. I have aches and pains too, mom. After all, I’m over 30, remember?”

“Yeah, yeah, I know. But you say I have to cut out sugar too…and I can’t handle coffee without sugar!”

“Small steps mom!” She replied. “Here, taste this Keto pizza I just made. No flour!”

“Oh sure,” I said as I took a bite.  It was amazing! “Tastes just like regular pizza,” I said shovelling the rest of the slice into my mouth. “If there’s no flour in that base, then what’s it made of? It’s delicious…so crisp and crunchy!”

“Cauliflower and cheese!”

I nearly gagged. Cauliflower? I’m not even fond of cauliflower but this was fantastic. “Okay,” I said. “Tell me more.”

She did, and just after Christmas, I went KETO, eating eggs, bacon, cheese, even cheesecakes like those shown above. I made them for her engagement party and folks raved. (Yes, I’ll share the recipe in a future  VIANVI KETO KRAZY blog post. So SUBSCRIBE, okay? See home page)

“What’s the base?” (Not cauliflower by the way!)

“Finely ground almond flour,” I beamed.

“But there’s sugar in them right?”

“Nope! Sweetened with Erythritol.”

Since then, I’ve started baking again too. I’ve always hated baking as I never had much success with anything other than yeast-baked cakes. But just look at that Bundt Coconut Lemon Cake on the right. Unbelievably good and the flavour gets even better after a few days. Keeps so well too. No mould. Made with coconut flour, almond flour, philly cheese.  Yum!

 So, am I missing sugar? Flour? No way! I just make my own breads, muffins etc using almond and/or coconut flour and eggs, sweeten with Erythritol, (natural!) and enjoy. I think I’ve only had 1-2  slices of regular bread of any kind since Christmas, and to be honest, the longer I stay away from flour and sugar, the less I crave it.

And you know what else I’m not missing…and this is the most important side-effect of “going keto” for me: my arthritic pains have diminished so much I’m in shock. Oh yes. Occasionally I flare. After all, I have scleroderma. That’s an auto-immune disease and I hyper-react to allergens of all kinds, including the histamines in strawberries or strong scents. But hey, all that’s for another post in the future.

Want to know more about the benefits of eating the Keto way? Visit DR. BERG’s WEBSITE.  He has so much information on there  on the hows and whys of Keto, it’s a great place to start educating yourself about Keto. I just recently purchased that book on the left from his site. It’s a beauty. You’ll love it.

And one of the first books I read with keto recipes and a 7-day eating plan is this one,7-Day Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan: Delicious and Easy Keto Recipes To Burn Fat and Gain Energy available for FREE from Amazon.

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3 thoughts on “KETO KRAZY!

  1. Victoria Boland

    March 15, 2017

    After a bulging disc put me out of commission in Aug 2015, exercise went out the window and my regularly toned body turned soft & I gained some weight. I’d followed the Paleo lifestyle for several years, and with exercise was able to consume basic carbs. But once exercise took a back seat (lifting just 3lb weights was incredibly painful on my ‘bad’ days), I looked into Whole30 first and then turned to Keto 7 1/2 months ago. Whole30 was amazing, but I actually gained more weight as the carbs are still considerably high.

    Keto on the other hand has not only helped me lose the weight I gained from W30 and lack of exercise, but I can see I’m simply more muscular from the great sources of protein & fats I consume daily, and best of all, my back pain is nearly completely ‘out of sight, out of mind’. I still feel it on occasion if I do something I shouldn’t, like moving heavy things or if I’m on my feet too long, but I’d say my ‘constant pain’ level is now at a 1-2 on a scale of 10, vs 9-10 before. And that means I can enjoy exercise again! I manage to stay around 30 net carbs a day without feeling ANY deprivation. I’ve found alternatives to all the things I’ve loved in the past, and cooking is really a cinch. I actually consume MORE calories now, yet have lost weight, and I’m no where near as paranoid sitting down to eat a steak fried in butter as I would’ve been just a few years ago when I was anti everything-fat. I lived off flavourless, fat-free, enjoyment-free food and hated the deprivation.

    And like mentioned in the article here, my cravings are less & less for things like bread and cakes. Nothing beats a breakfast of 3 eggs, bacon, and spinach cooked in butter! I add Beef Collagen to my coffee every morning for an instant hit of 11 grams of protein, and love discovering or experimenting with Keto recipes to create my own version.

    If you’re considering following a KETO lifestyle for weight loss, or to help with inflammation, diabetes, and other chronic pain issues, I’d 150% recommend it!

    • Viga Boland

      March 15, 2017

      What fabulous insight into how “Going Keto” has helped you Victoria. Knowing how you’ve struggled over the years, trying to keep your weight down by giving all the latest diet/lifestyle programs an honest effort, and not seeing the results you want, this is such a good endorsement for why anyone should consider going “keto krazy” as so many of us are doing. I hope you’ll contribute again in the future, maybe be one of our contributing “Keto Cooks” who will share some of their favourite keto recipes. Thanks so much. I’ll be sharing your observations on my Vianvi page at Facebook too: I hope others will come in here and add their comments to yours!

      FYI, Victoria Boland is the lead female vocalist for the Canadian singer/songwriting group, #Apollo’s Crown (see and a firm believer in the skin care products offered by Rodin+Fields ( Being in the music industry, looking and feeling good is super important. Following a Keto approach to eating and maintaining her great looks with products from Rodin+Fields is working for her. We hope to hear more from her on both in the future!

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