When you forget to love your skin!

At one of my recent book talks…I’m an author…I held up a copy of my second memoir, “Learning to Love Myself”. A woman in the group let out an audible gasp and blurted: “Is that a photo of you on the cover?!” 

I swallowed and replied, “Yes…about 45 years ago when I was 25.”

“Oh wow!” she exclaimed, sounding shocked, too courteous I’m sure to say what she was thinking: “What the hell happened to your face over those years!”

Later that night, as I washed the foundation from my face and took a long, hard, objective look at myself in the mirror, I replied silently to her unasked question:

“I learned to love myself one way, but completely forgot to love and look after my face!”

I’d spent years vacationing in the sun, soaking up all the ultra-violet I could get so I could return to snowy Canada in the middle of winter with the darkest tan. I’d exercised for over 20 years in chlorinated pools that dried out every inch of my skin, not just on my face, but on my body and I  trusted that the cheap over-the-counter creams I used to relieve the tightness would be enough.

Worst of all (and you can read about this in my book above so you know I’m not spinning you a yarn!)  at age 50 I had the bad luck to succumb to Scleroderma, an auto-immune disease that tightened the skin all over my body and face. I felt like I was being wrapped in shrink-wrap. My body was over-producing collagen…yes that stuff that so many products promote to keep your skin looking tight and youthful. Well it was keeping my skin tight all right! So tight that those once full lips you can see on that book cover, over the years that followed, disappeared to thin slivers and reduced the amount I could even open my mouth for the dentist to get to my teeth!

And now, at 71, the damage has been done. I’ll never get those full lips back. The collagen seems to have stopped pumping up my skin and has left me instead with deep wrinkles and furrows up my cheeks and all around my lips and chin. No wonder that woman was shocked see me as I once was an am now!

As I commiserated with myself and berated myself for ignoring my once youthful skin as I had, my daughter texted me:

“Mom, I’ve joined Rodan + Fields! They have the most wonderful skin care program for my melasma!”

“Melasma? What’s that?”

“You know how when I’m in the sun I get those brownish patches on my forehead and under my eyes. And then my freckles are getting worse and worse! Look, I’ll send you a couple of photos of me. I took the one on the left back in February before I started using Rodan + Fields REVERSE program. See how awful those yellowy-brown patches are? Now, look at the photo on the right. I just took that now, using the exact same lighting, after I did my nightly skin care regime!”

Well you could have bowled me over with a feather! I couldn’t believe my eyes. The difference in just 6 weeks was amazing. Now I know so many of the before & after photos some folks post are retouched, photoshopped and all that. But my daughter just took these in her bathroom with her iPhone and messaged them to me exactly as they were taken. No fancy lighting; no retouching. No B.S.

Needless to say, it didn’t take much for me to ask if they had anything that might help this poor ravaged face of mine. And of course, they do. I’ve since ordered their full REDEFINE Skin Care program from her and am using it every night. I plan to also try out the REVERSE to see if it can help with my dark age spots. She assures me it will. But in the meantime, I’ve got to tell you what is my absolutely favorite product from RODAN + FIELDS. It’s their NIGHT RENEWING SERUM.

This Night Renewing Serum is out of this world. I absolutely love applying it at night. It takes all that dry, scleroderma and chlorine-dried-out skin on my face and makes it feel like satin.  I have never experienced a product that leaves my skin feeling so silky smooth. I love it so much I’ve even taken the risk of posting the video below of me raving on about it. If you have time, I hope you’ll watch it.

And when you’re done, go visit my daughter on her RODAN + FIELDS website to see what other products are offered by the company. There must be a reason, beyond our fervent belief in what we’re using right now that RODAN + FIELDS has risen to the top ranks of skin care companies in such a short time.

Victoria and I love our RODAN + FIELDS SKIN CARE PRODUCTS. Don’t you deserve the best for your skin too?

 ©Viga Boland, author, book and product reviewer

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