If there’s one thing a reader can be sure of when picking up a book by Malcolm Pierce, it’s this: you’ll be holding your breath and turning pages as fast as you can go and any interruptions in your reading will be un-welcomed!

Just as he did in his previous book, Blood Passage, Malcolm Pierce’s protagonist in Erased, Jeff Demarzo, finds himself plunged into an inexplicable reality: he shows up for work at CMI and is suddenly denied entry by a guard he knows, but who insists he doesn’t recognize him. Thinking someone is playing a joke on him, he approaches several others of his acquaintances and all deny knowing who he is. When he attempts to text, email or call his friends, he can’t reach anyone. What is going on?

Demarzo’s frustration mounts when he discovers his bank account is empty, his credit cards are being declined, and just when he begins to wonder if the schizophrenia which afflicted a relative has now grabbed a hold of his mind, he returns to his home to find one of his best friends dead…in his own living room! How did this happen? Did he kill his friend and not remember it? As Demarzo reels in confusion, puzzled readers frantically flip pages, as eager as the protagonist to solve the riddle of his circumstances.

Demarzo’s greatest allies in getting to the bottom of the mystery are his remarkable hacking skills and a pretty companion, Sarah. But she too suddenly vanishes inexplicably from his life as he rushes to evade pursuers hell-bent on killing him. Determined to breach all security and gain entry to NSA’s inner chambers where he believes the answers to his dilemma lie, Demarzo battles for his life and safety. Does he survive? Does he solve the mystery to his own and the reader’s satisfaction? You have to read Erased yourself to see just how cleverly Malcolm Pierce brings this latest book of his to a logical and acceptable conclusioERASED

On a personal level, I always enjoy a writer who is not only creative, but has a solid knowledge of the circumstances, places and technical intricacies about which he is writing. Malcolm Pierce is all that, and then some, as an author. You cannot fail to be impressed by his familiarity with his subject and his ability to work all that knowledge into a totally gripping plot.

Congratulations Malcolm Pierce on writing yet another super novel in Erased. I enjoyed it thoroughly!

©Viga Boland, author and book reviewer

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2 thoughts on “ERASED – BOOK REVIEW

  1. Jan Selbourne

    April 21, 2017

    I was holding my breath reading this review! Erased is on my shopping list.

    • Viga Boland

      April 21, 2017

      One heck of a read Jan. Enjoy! And thanks for leaving feedback for both Malcom and me!

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