CYBER CRISIS by William Keiper


by author and reviewer, Viga Boland

If you’ve ever had thieves break into your home, toss your personal possessions helter-skelter and take off with your valuables, you know how  invaded you feel, not to mention the subsequent financial costs you’ll incur to replace what was stolen.

That’s how it feels to be hacked. It’s what William Keiper calls a Cyber Crisis. And a crisis it is.

Yet, despite all the warnings in the media, all the reports of big businesses, institutions and massive website hacks. like the one carried out on Yahoo, folks continue to believe it won’t happen to them. Well, as the opening line of Cyber Crisis states:

“Your personal information will be hacked if it hasn’t been already.”

Keiper is not saying “might be” or “may be”. He says you WILL be hacked. And if, after you read this short, easy to read and utterly important expose of how and why you will be hacked, you still don’t take measures suggested by Keiper to make sure you don’t get hacked, well, it’s like applying for house insurance after your house burns down!

One of the first things I did after reading this book was visit this link provided in the first chapter: Have I have Been Pwned. This is a website “dedicated to informing victims of data breaches.” I breathed a sigh of relief when I input my primary email address and found it hadn’t been hacked…yet! But after entering several alternative emails I use, I found all had been compromised courtesy of a website on which I had used them and which had subsequently been hacked. Great. Just great.

William Keiper delves of course, into the dangers of posting everything no-one really needs to know about us on social media sites like Facebook. Why don’t folks think a bit before posting their pending vacation plans and times, or where they are currently enjoying a dinner or socializing with friends? Do they really believe only their friends know where to find them? Hackers access that kind of data every second of the day!

One of the most informative sections of Cyber Crisis is Chapter 8, “The Hidden Web”. You may have heard of it. But if you haven’t, you’ll want to read that chapter as you’ll learn where so much of our very personal information is stored. Sadly, hackers can access that as surely as government and other agencies can.

You may come away from Cyber Crisis rather scared. So you should. But the book doesn’t leave you with no response to  the question: “what should I do now to protect myself?” In Chapter 10, William Keiper provides tons of links for further reading and research, along with the often repeated simpler advice about changing passwords frequently, using virus and malware protection, and taking advantage of privacy controls offered by social media sites.

If you spend a good deal of your day on your smartphone, tablet or computers and haven’t read Cyber Crisis yet, make the next site you visit one where you can purchase this very important book and read it before you begin any other online activities. As William Keiper asserted above in no uncertain terms:

“”Your personal information will be hacked if it hasn’t been already.” Believe it!

©Viga Boland, author and book reviewer

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  1. Jan Selbourne

    May 15, 2017

    Now I am really worried. Thank you, William Keiper, and thank you Viga.

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