REDEFINE Wrinkling Skin; REVERSE darkening age spots: UNBLEMISH Acne Damage and SOOTH Sensitive Skin!

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I blogged about this particular product, Rodan+Fields Skin Care, on March 26th. CLICK HERE if you’d like to read what I shared at that time.  Consider this post, along with this podcast as an update and addendum to that post.

I was introduced to Rodan+Fields Skin Care 2 months ago by my daughter, Victoria Boland.

Victoria is the lead female singer for the singer/songwriting group, Apollo’s Crown. As a singer, it’s always been important to Victoria to not only sound and feel good, but to look good: that’s part of feeling confident when you’re front and center on stage. So like all young women who are in the public eye, Victoria would just about never be caught dead without her “stage-face”: foundation, makeup, false eyelashes .. all that stuff.

So you can imagine my family’s shock when she came home for Easter and spoke to a group of our friends wearing nothing on her face but her own beautifully restored skin. Why restored? Over years of sun exposure, tanning without protection, and not following a skin care regimen, Victoria had developed Melasma. What’s that? An unslightly yellowing discoloration on her her forehead and under her eyes. She’d always covered up the melasma with foundation and makeup. But here she was talking to all of us about her new skin care regimen, called REVERSE, from North America’s #1 skin care company, Rodan+Fields, wearing her beautiful make-up free face. And she’d only been using Rodin+Fields REVERSE regimen for 6 weeks. As you can see on the left, the change was dramatic.

I think the most surprised person in the room was her sister. Kim said: “I can’t believe my eyes: you’re not wearing makeup! You ALWAYS wear makeup!”

Well long story short, in no time Victoria had me looking closely at my own old 71-year-old face. What I saw were deep, almost cavernous wrinkles, dark age spots over my dry, itchy forehead and cheeks, and prominent creases above and below my lips that have thinned out to almost being non-existent, thanks to my scleroderma, an auto-immune disease. I sure didn’t like what I saw, and let’s face it, liking what we see when we look in a mirror helps enormously with our self-esteem. I turned to Victoria and asked her:

“Does Rodan+Fields have anything that might help me Victoria? Or is my face beyond salvation?”

She handed me two silvery blue pearls and said: “This is Rodan and Fields Night Renewing Serum. Try these on your face Mom and you tell me if it’s worth trying this Skin Care line.

Well try them out I did. If you Visit the skin care section of my Vianvi blog at www.vianvi.com. you’ll find the first post, along with a video I made right after trying out the night renewing serum and you’ll know how I felt about those little blue pearls!

Since then, I’ve been using Rodin+Fields REDEFINE Skin Care Regimen. I can both feel and see the improvement in my skin and I’m not the only one who’s noticed. Friends who don’t even know I’m using Rodan+Fields have commented how young I’m looking these days! Then there’s my husband who barely pays any attention to my looks these days. But even he recently remarked how soft my skin feels. Well how my skin looks is one thing but how it feels is even more important, at least to me. You see, when you have scleroderma, your skin feels super dry and very tight all the time. It feels like your face, neck, feet, in fact, your entire body is wrapped in shrink wrap. It comes from an over-production of collagen…yes that stuff in so many skin care products. But what happens when there’s too much naturally produced collagen in your face? It breaks down over time and what would be normal aging wrinkles are now twice as deep and no amount of makeup can hide them.

Viga Boland, author, webmistress and podcaster of Vianvi book, product and website reviews. Viga, at 71 years of age, loves her Rodan+Fields Redefined Skin

But thanks now to Rodin+Fields REDEFINE Skin Care Regimen, my wrinkles are not nearly as obvious and my skin is no longer tight, dry and itchy. And in the past couple of weeks I’ve also added the REVERSE regimen to my skin care program. After all, I’d like those dark age spots to be a lot less visible, just like we can no longer see Victoria’s melasma.

Just to wrap this up for today, Rodan+Fields carries 4 different skin care regimens. Along with REDEFINE and REVERSE, they carry UNBLEMISH for those who suffer with Acne. Users are enjoying amazing results with the UNBLEMISH Regimen. And the fourth regimen is SOOTHE, for those of you who can’t seem to use any skin products because your skin is so sensitive, suffers from redness or rosacea, or reacts quickly to strongly scented creams.

I’ll be sharing more with you about Rodan+Fields products as time goes on, but if you’d like to know more right now, you can contact me via my website at www.vianvi.com or go directly to my consultant site. It has a long url so just check the written post for this podcast on the vianvi site where you can click directly onto my consultant site at http://jboland1.myrodanandfields.com/ca. Yes, I love and believe in the Rodan+Fields products so much, I joined the company too. Why not? Seeing and feeling is believing, and I will only promote what I’ve used and believe in. And I believe in the benefits of using Rodan+Fields.

©Viga Boland, May 2017

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