SkinDeepSkinCare Blog Podcast #5

about Micro-Dermabrasion Paste from Rodan+Fields

by Viga Boland, Consultant for Rodan+Fields Skin Care

Well at last! Summer has arrived in Canada but it sure took it’s time coming. I was getting so impatient. April showers turned to May showers. I looked longingly at my outdoor pool, still under its winter cover and wondered if I was ever going to enjoy it at all.

Then, suddenly June came and with it some hot days! Off came the pool cover! But we nearly died at the sight of the murky, algae green water hidden below that cover. How would we ever get it clean? Don’t ask me why this next thought came…my mind works in mysterious ways…but it immediately reminded me of a passage I’d recently read in the book, “A Prescription for Change”, by Drs Katie Rodan & Kathy Fields. In Chapter 9, they discuss skin discolouration, uneven pigmentation and the gradual dulling that results from sun damage:

“When it comes to dull skin, it’s generally not what you see that’s the problem—it’s what you don’t see…We like to use the analogy of a lake. If you look at a muddy lake with a lot of particulate matter, sunlight is absorbed and scattered rather than reflected off the surface, which makes the lake look murky and drab. When the lake is free of muddy particles, light is perfectly reflected throughout the water, giving it a clear and translucent appearance. Similar to a muddy lake, excessive pigmentation below the skin’s surface absorbs light and reflects dullness. When your skin is free of excessive subsurface pigmentation, your complexion looks younger, brighter, and more even toned.”

My filthy pool reminded me of what aging, discoloured skin, which hasn’t been looked after by following a proper skin care regimen for years looks like: dull and murky. And foundations and coverups are just like my pool cover: wipe them off at night and what do you see? That’s why skin deep skin care is so darn important, and the 4 Regimens offered by Rodan+Fields are the way to make your face radiant and beautiful again.

Rodan+Fields Micro-Dermabrasion Paste

But what’s all this got to do with opening my pool? Well, for what it’s worth, it took about $500 of chemicals and lots of vacuuming and hard work over 2 weeks to finally get that pool of ours crystal clear. Again, it’s a bit like skin care improvement: it doesn’t happen overnight. But a few nights ago, something happened that made it imperative I tell you about yet another fantastic Rodan+Fields product: Micro-dermabrasion.

An hour or so after my shower, I noticed the sides of my foot itching like mad. I couldn’t stop scratching. I looked down at my feet and nearly died. What I saw is what you can see in this photo here:



The old skin on my feet was white with dryness and peeling after an hour of swimming in that chlorinated pool over several days. While I was being super careful following my Redefine and Reverse Regimens for my face, I hadn’t given any thought to my feet! Remember, I have scleroderma. So my skin is probably drier that most people’s and it itches terribly if it’s not kept moisturized daily. I recall visiting my doctor some years back with fierce itching at the side of my feet. I thought it might be fungus. When she examined the skin using her loupe, she said “All I see is a lot of dead skin! You need to exfoliate or use a pumice stone regularly to get rid of that!”





Of course, I suddenly remembered that visit now and I knew I had an immediate solution in my Rodan+Fields products: my jar of Micro-dermabrasion. I rubbed it gently into both feet for 30-60 seconds and 3 minutes later, I took this photo:

Isn’t that something? And that photo was taken without applying my Rodan+Fields Body Lotion after using the Micro-dermabrasion. What you see there is exactly how my feet looked just after microdermabrading. Impressive eh?

So now, every day after my swim, I give my poor old feet some skin deep, loving skin care. Just like on our faces, we can see and feel the difference exfoliating our skin on our feet can make. And by the way, my daughter Kim, who is the third Rodan+Fields consultant in our household, just LOVES Rodan+Fields Micro-dermabrasion Paste. She even uses it on her face between exfoliations using Redefine mask. She says Micro-dermabrasion leaves her face feeling silky smooth. That’s how my feet feel too! Silky smooth…but only after I use Microdermabrasion from Rodan+Fields. Try it. You’ll love it! BUY RODAN+FIELDS MICRO-DERMABRASION PASTE HERE

©Viga Boland, Canadian CONSULTANT for Rodan+Fields Skin Care Products

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