GOING KETO with EPICURE: A Winning Combination!

Why do I say using EPICURE Products when you”re following a KETO eating plan is a winning combination? Because it simply is! Why? Because Epicure products lend themselves so perfectly to helping me, and the thousands of others now following the Keto approach to weight control and good health.

You know, when you first start talking KETO to people …and no it’s not a new language…they get excited to hear you’ve lost weight, your arthritis isn’t flaring as much, and your doctor is happy with your cholesterol and lipid readings. When you toss in that the Keto diet and lifestyle is being recommended even for cancer patients, their eyes light up and they want to know more. They ask:

“So what do you eat?” 

“Oh, all sorts of yummy foods including bacon, eggs and cheese and I even have cream in my coffee now!”

That’s when they look at me suspiciously and ask:

“Well…um…what don’t you eat?”

That’s when I brace myself ’cause I know what’s coming next when I reply:

“Bread, goods baked with flour, pasta, rice, sugar…”

I rarely get past the first couple of words there before they stop me with: “Forget it! I couldn’t live without my bread, let alone some cake or donuts or something sweet! That’s not for me. Don’t you miss bread?”

“To be honest, No. And before Keto, I couldn’t live without my bread either. But now, I eat bread, muffins, even cake but they are  baked the KETO way. That means I don’t use regular flour. I use almond flour.”

“You mean, almond, as in the nuts? Isn’t that expensive?”

“Well, yes, it costs more than white flour. But then, bad health and medicine are expensive too. You know the adage: ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure…'”

“Oh okay, but what about cakes and muffins when you want something sweet?”

“Same thing. I bake all of them with almond flour and perhaps a bit of coconut flour…”

“But you said no sugar!”

“Did I say anything about sugar? No, I don’t use sugar either. I use ERYTHRITOL. And furthermore, now that I’ve discovered EPICURE products, I’ve found even more ways to vary my muffin recipes. Using my KETO MUFFIN RECIPE, I simply vary the flavours according to my needs. For my BREAKFAST MUFFINS, I use anything from EPICURE’S huge selection of DIP MIXES. And just recently, for the first time, I experimented with EPICURE’S SELECTION of SWEET DIP MIXES, along with their APPLE PIE and CHAI SPICES.  There is some cane sugar in those Epicure products, but so little that, unless I eat a dozen of my sweet muffins, it won’t negate the goodness of my KETO diet.”

“Oh sure,” folks say to me then. “But I bet they don’t taste anywhere as good as muffins baked with regular flour. Probably heavy as lead too, right?”

“Wrong!” I tell them confidently. “When I let my husband, who’s an Aussie and raised on sweet, flour based cakes and cookies, taste my latest batch of Apple Pie/Carrot Muffins, he loved them so much he ate 5 in a row…including the minis which I managed to burn. I giggled and asked him what he thought of KETO Muffins now? He laughed and said, ‘when they taste this good, I can’t tell the difference!”

If you want to know how I made those Apple Pie/Carrot Muffins, I just used my BASIC KETO MUFFIN RECIPE WITH PHILLY CHEESE VARIATION and then added in the spices to taste as I mixed everything together. And you know, that’s one of the most awesome parts about baking the KETO way: I can taste the mix BEFORE I put it in the oven! It tastes great even uncooked. After all, it’s just almond nuts, cheese, eggs and whatever spices I’m using, sweet or savoury!

(Incidentally, if you’re listening to the podcast of this post, and not on my Vianvi website page for KETO KRAZY or EPICURE, you’ll need to visit the site to get all the links to the products I’m talking about in this podcast)

Now the only other thing I want to add about following the Keto way of eating is something I heard from a friend about a month ago. Mary Graziano has been following the KETO DIET for about a year now. Mary is close to me in age so she has many of the same concerns I do about her weight and health. When Mary told me she’d lost 48lbs using keto over the past year, I nearly fell over. She says she feels so much better; all the doctor’s readings are good and her arthritis is much improved. Mary is living proof that Keto works. Don’t be afraid to give it a go. Your body will thank you!



©Viga Boland, Epicure

6 thoughts on “GOING KETO with EPICURE

  1. Janice Marela

    August 31, 2017

    I am wondering what flour can be substituted for almond flour if someone who wants to eat the Keto way is allergic to almonds?

    • Viga Boland

      September 16, 2017

      Good question. Wish I could answer that. I know many Keto recipes use coconut flour too but it’s heavier and may require more liquid. Also, whatever you’re making will take on more coconut flavour. Also, protein and fat content will be lower. You could possibly try other ground nuts e.g. brazils, walnut. But if you have an allergy to all nut products, then I don’t know. Try researching some of the many Keto focussed sites on the net. They might offer an alternative. Thanks for following my blog.

    • Wendi-Lou

      November 18, 2017

      coconut flour, lupin flour (it’s a legume) sesame flour.. they all act different and some need more liquid, it’s not an even swap.

  2. Jenny

    January 4, 2018

    I love Epicure’s products, however in some (not all but a few) there is sugar cane do you know if it is an amount that would throw you out of ketosis?

    • Viga Boland

      January 8, 2018

      Good question Jenny. I too was a bit reluctant to use Epicure “sweet” products after realizing they contained sugar, but I have to say that the sugar content is pretty low ie.. the spices I’ve tried like the Apple Pie or Pumpkin Pie spice weren’t that sweet at all. The same is true of their “sprinkle” products like the coconut lime, cocoa crunch or fruit sprinkles. So I suspect you don’t have much to worry about the sugar in Epicure products putting you out of ketosis. You might find, if you are looking to bake a sweet muffin or cake that you will actually have to add some Other sweetener, like stevia or Erythritol (my favorite) to give your baking some sweetness.

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