Today’s SKIN DEEP, SKIN CARE podcasted blog is being sent out to all my Australian mates, those I know, and those I don’t. Why is this podcast aimed especially at Aussies? Because of what I learned less than a month ago from some dear Australian friends who dropped by our Canadian home for a short visit on the last leg of a world trip.

After we caught up with their trip and everything going on in our families since we last saw each other, about 6 years ago in Australia, given we’re all seniors, naturally the talk eventually branched into health…as it always does at our age! My visitor, Carol, is a nurse and we got chatting about cancer, especially skin cancer. Carole told me how every effort is being made in that sunny country, made famous by Crocodile Dundee and his sunburnt, wrinkled face, to encourage people to protect their skin when outdoors.

Now I mentioned in a past podcast, how shocked I was, after returning to Canada after living in Australia from 1984-1991. My once, freckle-free skin, on both my face, arms and hands was now covered in freckles. Shortly after, around my mid-40’s, and back in Canada, those ugly brown to black moles were appearing all over my body. Age spots, yes, but I was only in my mid-40’s! You could say, that’s natural…and it is…when you’re getting into your late 50’s and beyond.

Bottom line, and I know it with certainty, that my time in Australia, when I rarely wore sunscreen and didn’t even make a point of lying out in the sun, was responsible for all the freckles and early age spots. Just walking around there, hanging a wash, or gardening in the back yard without a hat or protection, let the sun work its damage on my skin. And as Carol told us during her visit, the prevalence of skin cancer is Australia is now reaching alarming figures.

At that point in our conversation, I told Carol I was now a consultant with RODAN+FIELDS, America’s #1 skin care company and that Rodan+Fields was launching soon in Australia. I told her how Step 4 of every Rodan+Fields regimen is a day moisturizer containing an SPF of anywhere from 20-50 depending on which regimen you were using. Her comment?

“Boy! Do Aussies ever need a skin care program like that! When do you think it’ll be in Australia? I’d most definitely be interested.”

Well, folks, that’s the message of today’s podcasted blog: Rodan+Fields is launching in Australia between the middle and end of September. And if you’re an Aussie who cares about your skin and is concerned about skin cancer, you’ll want to get on board with them as a consultant or Preferred Customer right away.

Rodan+Fields is currently taking pre-enrollments but they end August 31st. You can sign up for that, with me as your sponsor, through this link:


If you’re listening to this as a podcast, please visit this blog post when you can get to a computer and click on the link. The Skin Deep, Skin Care podcasts originate from this URL: http://www.skindeepskincare.info

I’ve included the graphic below here to tell you what else you need to know about this coming launch:


By the way, if you pre-enroll, then change your mind, you can back out. You don’t pay anything on pre-enrolment. YOu’ll only have to pay the joining fee and/or buy a kit when you are asked to confirm, about one week before the actual launch. See the graphic below for info on joining fee/business kits:


Rodan + Fields Australia will contact you about all that and keep you updated till Rodan+Fields goes live down under

So, that’s my message for today except to say, who’s going to join me as one of consultants in Australia? Need I tell you that getting on board when a company first launches is the ideal time to join? It means you would be at the top, and can start your downline growing from word go. I wish I were there now to do just that! Becoming a consultant with Rodan+Fields when it launches in Australia could change not just your skin, but your life. Think about it and then head over to my AUSTRALIAN CONSULTANT PRE-ENROLMENT SIGN UP PAGE at https://www.rodanandfields.com.au/06502187 on this podcasted blog: http://www.skindeepskincare.info

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