Hello and welcome back to Vianvi Podcasts with Viga Boland. If you’re joining me for the first time, up until now I’ve focussed on reviewing books and products like those from Epicure and Rodan+Fields Skin Care and shared some information on following a Keto-style way of eating. But today, in the first of my WEBSITE reviews, I’d like to introduce you to TIBER RIVER NATURALS, a Canadian company whose focus is on natural, environmentally-friendly products for body, bath, home, babies and pets.

Up until now, I’ve been like the average consumer, just buying my hair, body and household products in the supermarket or drugstore with more thought put into the price than what’s in the product and whether or not it’s good for the environment. But on a recent grocery trip, I came across a lady demonstrating products from http://www.lemon-aide.ca. Now I’m a real sucker for anything lemony so I purchased their dish and laundry washing detergents. I was so impressed with the results, I began looking online to see if there were any companies selling natural products of all kinds based on Lemon. I didn’t find any, apart from Lemon Aide.ca but I stumbled across TIBER RIVER, the focus of today’s podcast blog.

The Tiber River website blew me away with both its accent on all natural, environmentally friendly products and its colourful, often amusing descriptions and names for products, like “ureeka” for a deodorant, or “pooetic justice” for something to make your poop less offensive for the person using the toilet right after you. Yes you heard, or read that right!

On digging deeper into Tiber River, I realized the company itself had been going as a retail operation since 1999, but its venture into MLM was still relatively new. They were looking for consultants in all parts of Canada, especially in the area in which I live, Hamilton. Since I’m already a consultant with Rodan+Fields, and love their skin care products, at that point I wasn’t interested in the consultant end of things. But Tiber River’s other products, like those for my dog, Duffy, and some of the shampoos intrigued me.

I decided to write to the company to learn more than is shown on the company website about what is actually in the products etc. Well to my great shock, I got a personal reply from one of the two owners, Michelle Lalonde. That impressed the heck out of me. Not only that, but she wrote to me again later, telling me she was taking a week off to go camping, but asking me to tell her more about myself. You could have knocked me over with a feather! That was a first. Never, since leaving Learner’s World in Australia, and then years of working with other MLM companies (Mary Kay, Herbalife eg), have I been in direct communication with an actual owner of a company. Most have a ton of customer service people to answer enquiries like mine.

Bottom line, the more I looked, read and researched, the more interested I became. But one thing was holding me back: I have an auto-immune disease and I’m hyper sensitive to anything with a strong scent. That’s one of the reasons I love my Rodan+Fields ie. no strong scents in any of their products. So how would I handle the lavenders, citrus, pomegranate and more scents of the Tiber River products. The only way to find out was to sample them before buying. To that end, I managed to locate a lovely woman, Jennifer Hymmen, who lives in a neighbouring suburb. Bringing every product she currently had, she let me smell this and smell that and I recorded my favorites, just in case I decided to join down the way. And incidentally, before I continue, I should mention that Tiber River does offer skin care products for those who want only natural ingredients in their skin care.

Well down the way came faster than I planned. Jennifer informed me Tiber River was running a time limited special on consultant sign-up kits, starting at only $99! There were 3 kits and if I signed up by August 31, 2017 I got everything shown in the selected kits below.

I dived in. At only $99 for the bottom kit what did I have to lose? And once signed up, on all subsequent orders I’d save 30%. Sounded great to me, so I signed up and in the photo below, here’s what arrived for me this week.

What a bargain for such a great selection of products. I’ve already tried out the “zucchini/lemonpeel bar soap” and washed my hair in the Honey Beer Shampoo. And the “lime margarita” body cream is to die for! I’ve not been able to wear perfume for years, but at least with the lime margarita body cream, I’ll smell good enough to drink! Well sort of.

So there you go. If anyone reading this or listening to this podcast would like to see what Tiber River offers in the way of products and what they cost, you can visit Tiber River at http://www.tiberriver.ca. When you get there, scroll down and click on “find a consultant” midway down the page. When the next screen comes up, you will be asked again to “find a consultant”. Enter my consultant number: 2044. Super important to me that you do that because then you can start shopping with me and yes, I’ll earn a bit of commission.

But, if you want to become a consultant yourself right away and save 30% on your products, while you’re on that same page, just hit the link at the top of the page that says “Become a Consultant” and follow the prompts to bring you to the signup page. My full name, Jadwiga Boland, should already be showing there as your sponsor. Do it before August 31st so you can get one of those great kits.

And did I mention, TIBER RIVER is a Canadian company? That matters to me. Let’s support our own country by using and selling products made at home!

If you have any problems signing up as a consultant using me as your sponsor or have any other questions? Email me through the CONTACT  link on this Vianvi website. Over and out for today!

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