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THE EXTRACTION by Steve F. Freeman

Vianvi Podcast Book Review 2018 #1 by Viga Boland

When is a thriller not “just another thriller”? When it’s written by Steve F. Freeman, author of over 15 novels, and every one of them, just like The Extraction, grips readers from page one and doesn’t let them go till the last page. Even then, you won’t just put this book down and pick up something else to read.  You will find yourself comparing The Extraction to others you’ve read, marvelling over its unique approach to unraveling a mystery, and weighing up the likelihood of such a totally unexpected perpetrator. 

Two people are the immediate victims of this perpetrator: the first is Decimus Farr, a former FBI profiler; the second is Farr’s fiancee. What’s the best way for a deranged perp to really shake up Farr? Kidnap his fiancee, then give him only 24 hours to unravel a series of very convoluted and complicated clues to locate her before the perp kills her. 

As the clock ticks away the nail-biting hours, Farr races from place to place searching for physical boxes of clues while racking his brain for memory clues to the identity of the perpetrator. Readers race along with him. Farr realizes that this perpetrator is someone familiar with the many cases on which he’s worked. Could it be a former jealous associate? Or perhaps it’s a criminal he managed to get convicted who is now free? Or maybe an angry member of that criminal’s family or gang? With each clue Farr unravels, new possibilities arise, and readers will follow Farr’s search with the bated breath that one experiences when watching an episode of the TV series, “Criminal Minds”. And it’s fans of that show who might most appreciate the clever approach that Steve F. Freeman takes in The Extraction. 

I’ve have read and reviewed a number of Freeman’s books in the past couple of years and never cease to be amazed by his ability to come up with engaging action-filled novels, realistic characters, natural dialogues and logical endings to tension-filled plots, all delivered in short, easy-to-read chapters. If  you’ve not yet discovered the books of Steve F. Freeman, make a point of doing so now. There are plenty to choose from, and The Extraction is one of the most riveting and satisfying with which to begin. 

 Do take time out to visit Steve on his website. Just like his books, it’s fascinating! 

©Viga Boland, January 2018


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