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Viga Boland. Author, Book & Product Reviewer, Speaker & Podcaster.

Your hostess at VIANVI BOOK, PRODUCT& WEBSITE REVIEWS is me,  Viga Boland. That’s me smiling out at you from my photo on the left.

If I’m nothing else, I’m honest. Being such, I believe in full disclosure about the books and products you will read about in my reviews. So let me state right from word go that yes, some, but not all, of the reviews featured on Vianvi include links to certain products on which I will earn an affiliate commission. I appreciate your support in using the links I’ve provided to purchase these products.

But you know what would make me even happier? This! If you are an author, or have a product or website you’d like others to know about,  I’d be happy to look at your book, product or website, and if I like what I read or see, to give you some promotion via a review and/or podcast on VIANVI.

Is this a free service by Vianvi? No. But it is very affordable. So, if your book, product or website could use some added promotion/publicity, why not contact me directly via the CONTACT US provided in the menu, tell me about your book, product or website, give me a link to check it out and if I decide it’s something my readers and podcast listeners would like to know about it, I’ll provide you with both a written and podcast review published on VIANVI.

How much will it cost you? Read on! That information is provided below. And just so you know to whom you are entrusting your “baby”, here’s who I am:

I am the author of 6 books, 4 of which are memoirs. You can learn just about everything about me through my websites at http://www.vigaboland.com and http://www.memoirabilia.ca . If you’re not in too much of a hurry, you might start with watching my video at the bottom of this page.



I have been a book reviewer since my 20’s. Currently, I am a paid book reviewer for both READERS FAVORITE and INDIE READERMany of the book reviews published and podcast on Vianvi were originally written for Readers Favorite. I do encourage you to submit your books to the contests and book reviewing services offered by both those sites. But if you would like ME to personally review your book, my read/review/podcast fee is a mere $35 USD. All I ask is you send me a link to preview your book first: if I don’t like what I read in the opening chapters or the book’s contents or genre aren’t of interest to me, I’ll let you know and you pay nothing. If I am interested, then I’ll send you details for paying for your review using PayPal.  Please use the CONTACT link if you have further questions.


As much as I love to read and write, like most women, I love to shop. My interests as a shopper include vintage jewelry, health and beauty products, fashion, iPhone apps, informative websites, useful kitchen utensils, nifty time-saving gadgets, self-help, healthy life diets and travel. Not sure if your product or website is something in which I’d be interested? Just use my CONTACT link and ask!

Helping Vianvi visitors learn about products I have personally used and endorse, and/or have investigated thoroughly, is what my PRODUCT REVIEWS aim to achieve. As for WEBSITES, there is so much information available on the net that if I can minimize your searching time by sharing a website that I have found useful,  informative and easy to navigate, I’m happy to tell others about how it can help them.

My fee for PRODUCT and/or WEBSITE REVIEWS is the same as that for book reviews: $50 USD. I know what some of these influencer/advertiser companies charge. Plenty! So $50 is more than affordable and good value too: you not only get a podcast review on VIANVI, but links to my reviews are shared on TWITTER, FACEBOOK , TUMBLR & LinkedIn as soon as the review is live. That’s a lot of bang for your $25 investment. How can you lose?

Please use the CONTACT link in our menu for further information on where to ship your product for review and details on how to pay using PayPal. All payments are for book, product and website reviews are paid in advance, once I’ve agreed that your book, product or website is something I’d like to review.

That’s all I have to say for now.  I hope you’ll subscribe to the blog and podcasts. Any questions? Comments? Send them in via the  CONTACT US  form or page.