Okay what kind of writing are we looking for on VIANVI? Let’s start with what we don’t want: we don’t want boring! None of that cut and dry type of writing that you learned to do in high school. But that said, you do need to know how to spell and near perfect grammar is appreciated. I just don’t have time to edit your writing.

So if you can write without making me cringe from the errors, yawn with boredom, and not feel like I’ve read all this before, I might just be able to use your piece. If your articles zing, ping, and your words make light bulbs glow in my my head, I want them! If your humor brings a smile to my face or makes me fall off my chair with laughter, or the emotion in your stories/poems makes me sigh with satisfaction, reach for the tissue box, or wraps me in those warm fuzzy feelings like my pink fluffy oversized sweater, you might just be onto something.

pink fuzzies
Vianvi loves that warm, pink fuzzy feeling!

Are you an expert on something? Travel? Jewelry? Fashion? Health? Nutrition…even cooking…and if you can write about it in such a way that we just have to know more, I want to hear from you. But again, please just don’t re-hash what you’ve read somewhere else on the net. I can find those for myself. I know there’s nothing new under the sun, but what can make everything old seem new again is your unique spin.

Feeling challenged? I hope so. Remember, amongst other things, Vianvi visitors are vibrant, intelligent, vital and inquisitive. So I need your help in keeping them on their toes and coming back for more Vianvi.

Oh, by the way, I just love beautiful photographs, illustrations, drawings and inspirational writing and graphics. If that’s where you shine, send them in. But if the piece you’re submitting isn’t your own, you will need to credit the creator of that work of art and where possible,  supply a link back to the original piece or the artist. If you don’t know the original creator or where you first found it, tell me the artist is unknown. You wouldn’t want someone stealing your work and passing it off as their own, would you? Me neither. Besides, I can’t afford to be sued.

Okay, I think that’s it for now. If I’ve missed something or you’re not sure, just send me a question using CONTACT US. Please try to keep the written pieces to 750 words or less, but if what you send me is so good I can’t refuse it, I’ll use it. Oh yes. Before you ask: no, there is no payment for submissions. Don’t groan. That’s the story of the artist’s life for many of us.

9iRpLBpRTSo what do you get for your effort? Exposure! Remember VIANVI is a online publication, and what’s more, we PODCAST material we really like. Podcast listeners are growing in numbers, and that means even more exposure for YOU.  As this site grows, thanks to your wonderful contributions that will bring in all those subscribers who can’t wait to see what else you’ve written, created or know, a lot more people will come to know about you and your talent than might ever buy your books or read your story in a printed magazine! That’s just how it is when your work appears on the World Wide Web.  And of course I’ll happily link back to your blog or website.

How do you submit? Copy/paste your story, article or poem directly into the message section of the CONTACT page. If you want to submit photographs, illustrations or graphics, message me through the CONTACT page and I’ll reply with information. If your message gets rejected, contact me and I’ll give you an alternative method for submitting. I know you didn’t mean to, but you might have just spammed or sworn at me with your submission…and my security server doesn’t like that at all!


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